Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bold Fashion Trend: High Waisted Jeans

So, a pair of jeans all inclusive of the classic look, hipster look, modern appeal, and trendy feel? Yes please! Carmars new high waisted jeans ( white ) are paired with a cropped black chiffon top and nude Tory Burch logo flats. The white jeans fit just above the belly button, and stretch all the way down to the ankles. The same pair in black ( left ) are incredibly paired with a jean button up shirt and a small navy heel. These jeans are the perfect wear for spring, allowing you to pair them with a cutoff shirt for the warmer days, or a sweater for the colder spring transitioning days. Enjoy the warmer weather!
Xx, Sophia 

Friday, February 7, 2014

The golden girl with the golden style.

Now how can i even start this off? Hm, maybe i should begin with the fact that my obsession with Gossip Girl has gotten out of control, but hey, hasn't that happened to everyone? Now my favorite character would hands down have to be Serena, due to her effortless style and contagious smile and laugh. Now, this golden girl definitely has a golden style. This white zipper jacket paired with a fitted clean cut skirt that shows just enough leg, allows her to have the perfect summer outfit. The lack of detail on the clean lined skirt, jacket, and shirt would typically not be liked, but the way Blake wears it gives it this effortless look that is some how.. not effortless at all. Paired simply with a pair of ray ban aviators and a wristlet wallet, Blake surely makes this look work. 
Xoxo, Gossip Girl 
oh wait, that wasn't right-

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spring Break So Soon?

Hello all! So recently this extremely cold weather and snow has obviously got me thinking about everything... other than cold weather and snow, what a surprise ha! So, thinking on the contrary to winter break ( yes I know just a few weeks ago, how could I forget ) My fifteen year old self obviously forced the student side of me to think about the next school break: spring break. Spring break is usually filled with the boring jean short and tank top look-so, with that said, I totally recommend the white dress look. During the summer/spring, the white dress is just as famous as the color black. Yes, it is true.The open feel to this dress gives it  a whimsical look, and white on tan skin never looked better! This flowey open dress found at Brandy Melville is perfect for the warm weather, and paired with a short pair of booties and perfect leather lined hand bag, you can not go wrong with this for an outfit to walk the boardwalk in.
 Xx, Sophia 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Perfection in an outfit?

Well, let me start by saying obsessed with this look is an understatement. Words can not even align correctly for even a 15 year old fashion blogger like myself to explain how much I am enamored by this look. Let's just start with the fact that this look is comfortable, and chic... One we all love, right? Well, first off, we can start by saying the pea coat on the model shown is absolutely perfect. From the cut and fit, to the color, everything about that jacket is perfect... all the way down to the single classy button. The way it's paired over a jean button up and a plain t shirt gives it a total city look, but creates a classy urban appeal to it as well. The black lined pocket on the pea coat correlates beyond well with the black leather skirt and ties in the elegant black color ever so well. This outfit paired with a leather skirt (a great new trend coming your way) and a large patterned tote bag (most likely Kate Spade with that cute pattern!) creates this wonderful "off to lunch" affect. Full-fledged with the beanie and glasses, I totally am In love with this look if I may say so myself... But hey, I've already said that a couple times before, now haven't I? Curled hair with this look just tops off the effortless feel to this style, but some how manages to make it more perfect than it was before! The perfect combination of comfortable, chic, classy, and all contained with an urban feel? Yes please.
Xx, Sophia 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Green Army Jacket... A Yes Or No?

As the green army jacket has become an infamous new trend in not only the winter fashion world, it has also set itself a trend everywhere else. I say that by meaning most of the time, runway fashion and street fashion can have totally different looks, meaning different trends. Obviously, street style fashion is socially acceptable to wear on the streets, and runway ball gowns usually are not. But hey! If you can rock a Valentino ballgown when just going for a coffee run, go for it! Ha! But enough of the fashion life lessons, lets move on to this dyer trend being set all across the streets of different city's. The green army jacket: good or bad? Now, i absolutely love this trend, as you have seen i wore my free people green army jacket in my last post. As there are many ways to go wrong with this trend, there are also many ways to go right with it. I am loving that i am starting to see the leather sleeve on this traditional jacket. But with good trends in the fashion world, there are also many bad trends. With this jacket, the most important thing to remember is your jacket can not be too baggy. Remember your wearing clothing, not house curtains. But with that said, your clothing should also never be too tight. These jackets below have not only the perfect cut and size, but the perfect shade of deep green. Wear with a black dress and it makes the look a little more sophisticated, or wear with jeans and you have the perfect day-to-day outfit to go out for a lunch date or just a coffee run in!
xx, Sophia

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

16 Degrees Can't Stop Fashion

Although it was a mortifying 16 degrees outside today, that doesn't have to stop you from a great outfit of the day! Cold weather does not ultimately mean you have to bundle in a giant pair of sweatpants and hoodie, although i most honestly wanted to today... A great outfit idea for a cold day like today can be a simple pair of black jeans and a nice clean lined cut leather jacket- which is by far one of my warmest jackets i have if i may say so myself. One of my favorite looks in the winter time is a pair of aviator ray-bans with a black jacket and black jeans. When can you ever go wrong with a pair of aviators? Never. With the black on black, remember black is a classic color and you can never go wrong with black! It looks warm yet chic! My theory is a pair of jeans take just as long to put on as a pair of sweatpants, and if you find the right pair of jeans, they can honestly be just as comfortable as sweatpants. I recommend the brand AG Jeans- extremely comfortable, soft, and warm. Style ideas stolen from Kris Jenner and Mila Kunis! Just because it is cold doesn't mean you can't look cute! Remember as Tom Ford would say, "Dressing nice is a form of good manners." So slip on your black jeans and get ready to brace the cold weather!
Warm wishes!
xx, Sophia